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Not All Camp Stove Are Created Equal

If you came here looking for a camp stove for your next hunting trip, or any outdoor adventure that requires enough heat to warm up a wall tent, then this should be your last stop!

You are about to see the most rugged and portable camp stove available today. The Ellis Stove was designed and is manufactured by Butch Ellis, a long time Elk hunter and employee of the US Forest Service.

Here's what Butch has to say about camp stoves...

A Good Stove Must Be Truly Portable

Most of the stoves I have tried over the years really were a decent product, but they all lacked one important feature....portability. The all said they were portable, and that was true...sort of.

Some stoves have no way to break them down. Sure you can pack them on a horse, but they take up too much space and are just too bulky. Other stoves come with an assortment of bolts and nuts required for assembly. The last thing I want to do is spend 20 minutes putting together my stove after a long day packing in. And that bag of hardware is always looking for a way to get lost in the undergrowth. Not my idea of a good time!

The Ellis Stove Comes To Life

About 10 years ago I decided to solve the problem for myself. The ideal stove had to have three key features:

1. Lightweight but strong enough to withstand years of rugged use.
2. The ability to break down and set up quickly without extra parts to lose.
3. Small in size but able to produce enough heat for a wall tent.

My first attempts were a bit crude, but I stayed the course and decided not to compromise any of the features I truly needed. Necessity really is the mother of invention, and after much trial and error I believe I have built the best portable stove available today.

What Do Others Say About the Ellis Stove?

"I have owned and used the Ellis Folding Camp Stoves for over 10 years in my British Columbia, outfitting business. They are the only stove I use, with our Montana Canvas Relite tents, for our remote camps, where size matters and airplanes and horses are required. In fact, we are still using the first one we purchased. They are extremely durable, efficient (produce a lot of heat, hold a fire for quite a while, set up easy, are relatively light weight and very compact when folded). I highly recommend this stove for serious backcountry hunters and outdoor enthusiasts."

Bryan Martin
Canadian Mountain Outfitters

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