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An In Depth Look At The Ellis Stove
Each corner of the stove has an area of overlapping metal. This is an important feature as it helps keep the stove as airtight as possible and adds to the overall stability.
Notice the bend in the lip around the vent cover. Adding a bend to a piece of metal greatly increases it's strength.
The door of the stove is bent in the same fashion as the vent cover. This increases it's strength and provides a snug fit between the door and the front panel.
Another bend in the front panel greatly increases it's strength and prevents you from cutting your hands when adding fuel.
The edges around the front and back panels have a double lip. This helps to keep the stove as air tight as possible and increases it's stability.
This is an inside view of the side panel. The strip of metal shown here covers the hinge that allows the stove to fold flat. This provides protection for the hinge, adds to the stability of the stove, and helps keep the stove as air tight as possible.

Is the Ellis Stove really as strong as Butch claims
it is?

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Click Here to watch Butch set up and break down the Ellis Stove in this short video clip.

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